Superstition works?

WHAT? Now half of you will be thinking Stevie Wonder and the other half walking under ladders. Before we go any further I would like to point out that I am not at all superstitions, except when it comes to good luck. So bring on rabbits feet, four leaved clovers and an apple a day. how ever this is not playing by the rules of superstition and probably means that neither the good or he bad will affect me.

TRUE? I would say superstition is a personal truth – if you don’t believe in something then it holds false in your eyes, on the other hand it will be true if you do believe it. So if we agree with John Locke’s Majority Rule principle (which the majority of people do) superstitions are, in part, true. Either this or the notions of superstitions have become habit for example touching wood, not walking under ladders. Common sense I would say comes into play quite a lot as well when it comes to certain superstitions.

HOW? How I think superstition works is the Law of Attraction; we attract what we think about. Like attracts like. So if we completely believe that we will have 7 years bad luck because we broke a mirror we will be looking out for bad things to happen, so we will see them more than if we were looking for good things to happen because we found a horse shoe for example.

Five superstitions you may not have heard of:

  1. If you receive a container of food you should not return it empty.
  2. In Germany if someone is having difficulty dying you can lift three tiles off the roof and this should ease the process.
  3. In ancient Britain women carried acorns in their pockets to provide long life and youthfulness.
  4. Vietnamese wedding gifts should always be pairs of things for example two blankets or mugs. If you give a singular item is it believed to be bad luck and mean the marriage wont last long.
  5. If you drop your glove you mustn’t pick it up your self; this comes from when a lady would drop their glove in the hope of a prospective lover picking it up.

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